About Us

Our Certification Assessment Body (CAB) was one of the first CABs to be granted accreditation in Australia / New Zealand in September 1994 trading as DLIQ (part of Davis Langdon Group) and successfully continues as DLCS International Pty Ltd.

Our purpose is to engage with clients to provide an accredited certification of their management system and hence promote best practice principles to assist with better management of the environment, workplace wellbeing and their quality of goods and services.


We lead a national team of specialist certification assessors who provide integrated services to our valued clients.  Our assessors have a proven track record and are highly regarded as diligent, professional, accountable partners in your business success.

We are committed to providing certification services to meet the evolving market and client needs.
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independent assessements

OUR performance standards

We will monitor our service performance by:

  • Recording and acting on your feedback or complaints about our service
  • Conducting an annual survey of clients
  • Maintaining JASANZ accreditation
  • Being independently audited
  • Reporting to an Independent Business Committee
  • Conducting peer reviews and technical reviews

We will:

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